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what to expect:

In NYC, you never know what to expect. That's why at Sip 'n Sculpt, we aim for art to imitate NYC life. There are no rules or pre-determined sculptures to make, just a weekly theme with visual sparks for inspiration and expert sculptors and teachers to guide you in realizing your personal vision.  Feel free to socialize and catch up with friends or meet new ones as you create!  


The meditative nature of clay lends itself to participants enjoying a more exploratory experience. This is why we answer with a low-key instructional approach. We aim to put the mystique back into art, not take it away through step-by-step instruction as such. Still, if you would like a private party with a specific theme, or a more structured, product-oriented experience, just let us know and we will accommodate your vision.


Our philosophy is simple: individual process leads to individual product, ensuring each participant will enjoy a unique sculpting experience. What will you create?

Armitures in sculpting class with polymer clay
Sculpting Class Rose polymer clay


What kind of clay do you use?  We use less mess air dry compounds and oven cured clays. The air dry compounds are a practice clay for the professional polymer clays we use.


Do I get to keep my creations?  Of course! We pack them up in the sculpting kits at the end of the night with curing instructions.


What kind of art background do I need?  None. The emphasis is on creativity and your individuality. This is why we show you techniques and processes, but we don't give step-by-step instruction per se. We have found that most people find working with the materials very relaxing, and they enjoy a more low-key instructional approach from us.


What if I still want step-by-step instruction?  We can do that too. We are happy to take you through a sculpture from start to finish. Just ask!


I have issues with authority. Can I go off-theme and just do my own thing?  Absolutely. This is no rules sculpting! We love and encourage creativity. It's what makes our events fun, lively, and interesting! 


What if my question isn't on this list?  Email Jen at

jennifer barrett   founder & director

I have a profound understanding of how the arts influence lives, and how much fun unleashing creativity is for all ages. In fact, we are all very passionate about creativity here at Sip 'n Sculpt, something unique about our art events. 


Experimenting with materials and guiding students to discover and realize their personal vision is what I love most about teaching art.  

For questions or comments, please email me at

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